Join our everyday growing family in our love for food, tequila and tradition where the essence of Interior Mexican cuisine is always in our fresh and flavorful ingredients. At Hecho en Mexico we pull together flavors from each of Mexico’s distinctive culinary regions while staying loyal to our regional South Central Mexico roots.

We offer a delicious and specially prepared menu of Mexican cuisine family favorites, full of rich, savory and tangy flavors and aromas. We specialize in genuine Moles, tender marinated pork, chicken and beef and a wonderful selection of seafood and fresh vegetables.

We now serve only organic chicken. We have a 99% gluten-free menu and a large variety of vegetarian dishes.

Our Food

Cochinita Pibil

Achiote-marinated Roast Pork, baked in banana leaves, pickled red onions.

Salsa a la Veracruzana

Fresh salmon with tomatoes salsa with black olives, corn and onion.

Mancha Manteles

Roasted Poblano Pepeer, white meat chicken, salsa ranchera and sour cream.


Fresh fish & gulf shrimp in fresh lime juice and Pico de Gallo.

Sopa Azteca

Chile ancho-base broth, chicken, avocado, tortilla strips and sour cream.

Pastel de Tres Leches

Oaxacan recipe topped with a chocolate-coffee sauce.

Tequila Dinners

HEM 1800 (7 x 9 in) - 2

What fun and unique evenings our bi-monthly Tequila Dinners are! Our Chef creates a delicious and unique four course meal. These special menus are different each month. Each course is paired up with a tasting or special cocktail with the featured tequila of the month.

These are family style dinners where everyone sits together. An ambassador from the company that produces the tequila of the month shares information on the featured tequila. They discuss the history of the tequila itself, how it is made, what makes it unique and different from other tequilas and answers any questions.

These bi-monthly events (last Wednesday of the month at the Oak Hill location) are by reservation only. Please fill out the Reservation Request Form to make your reservation for the next Tequila Dinner. 

William Cannon (Oak Hill)

6001 W. William Cannon Dr. #301, Austin, TX 78749
(512) 301-0060

Monday-Friday 10am-10pm

Saturday & Sunday 9am-10pm


2101 Montopolis Dr. #23, Austin, TX 78741
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Monday-Thurs 11am-9pm
Friday 11am-10pm
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